Coping with Cookies

by Paul Zarucki, Electronic Equipments Ltd., March 2006.

This tutorial shows you how to enable cookies for selected web sites while disallowing them for others.

If you need to use a web site that requires cookies for logging in but want to block cookies from other web sites then this tutorial is for you.
Software Used
The following software is used in this tutorial:
  • Internet Explorer 6
If your software or version is different some details might differ but the general principles will remain the same.

Changing Internet Explorer's Cookie Settings

Step 1 - choose Tools > Internet Options

Open your Internet Explorer web browser, click the Tools menu and select Internet Options.
choose "Tools > Internet Options"

Step 2 - Privacy settings

Select the Privacy tab and click the Advanced button.
Privacy settings

Step 3 - Advanced Privacy Settings

Check the Override automatic cookie handling box, select the Prompt options for First-party and Third-party cookies then click the OK button.
Advanced settings

Step 4 - Save the settings

Click the OK button to close the Internet Options window.
Save settings

Step 5 - Allow cookies for sites of your choice

Next time you log into the web site, you will see a Privacy Alert. Check the box Apply my decision to all cookies from this web site and click the Allow Cookie button.

Your first attempt to log in after the Privacy Alert might fail but subsequent attempts should work.
Allow cookies for sites of your choice

Refusing unwanted cookies

If you see the Privacy Alert when visiting web sites from which you don't want to accept cookies, check the box Apply my decision to all cookies from this web site and click the Block Cookie button.

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