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Here are links to some useful resources on the web.

GNU/Linux Help

LinuxBasics.org - includes the The LBook, an introductory guide to Linux basics.
www.tldp.org - the Linux Documentation Project.

www.linuxmanpages.com - manual pages on the web. 

Free Software Magazine - articles and tutorials. Includes the excellent beginner's introduction to the command line by Rosalyn Hunter (also available as a printer friendly PDF).

News, reviews, articles and tutorials: - Free Software Daily - LXer -

All things Debian: - www.debian.org - www.debianhelp.co.uk - www.debianadmin.com - www.debiantutorials.org - www.debuntu.org -

Wikipedia, etc.

Wikipedia and its sister projects are a wonderful resource for all sorts of things:

Wikipedia - free encyclopedia
Wiktionary - free dictionary
Wikibooks - free books
Wikimedia Commons - free images, sound and video recordings
Wikiversity - a free university!

Art & Graphics

Open Clipart - where graphic artists share their work


Here is some high quality free software.

Open Office Word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentations and exceptionally good graphics.
Inkscape Drawing and graphic design.
GIMP Photo editing and digital painting.
OpenDisc A downloadble CD of software for Windows. Includes OpenOffice, GIMP and other programs.

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